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New Construction Pools

Summer temperatures in Texas often reach the triple digits, so it’s important for you to have ways to stay cool. Enjoying a pool that’s perfect for your backyard is one of the most luxurious and effective ways to beat the heat. At Polo Luxe Pools, we can help you and your guests avoid the heat with a new or updated pool for your home. Our pools are designed in a variety of styles to suit any home, so you can count on creating the perfect one for your space. When your new pool is designed and ready to be built, our crew of pool experts will do all the construction work involved. Contact us today to start designing and building your new luxurious pool!

Pool Design

When choosing the look of your new luxurious pools, you don’t have to go withtraditional shape or style. The designers at Polo Luxe Pools will design you the perfect pool for your backyard.

We offer many luxurious pool designs including:

• Custom Infinity Pools
• Modern Pools
• Free-form Pools
• Rectangular Pools
• Geometric Pools
• Straight Lined Pools

Pool Remodel

Is your pool old, outdated or simply just want to make it more luxurious, Polo Luxe Pools is here to help. We provide dependable pool remodeling services for homeowners Dallas, Austin and Houston and surrounding areas. Our outdoor pool remodeling crew can help you add more features to your pool or improve your pool’s appearance if it’s
looking worn or outdated. When you rely on the experts at Polo Luxe Pools for your remodeling project, you can count on having it done within a reasonable timeframe. Our construction teams also follow strict safety guidelines to ensure that your pool remodeling is done properly.

Pool Features

A swimming pool offers you a place to swim, but its appearance doesn’t really have much of an impact. Adding a water feature or two to your swimming pool can make it more visually appealing and more fun to swim in. At Polo Luxe Pools, we offer pool water features that will not only enjoy when in the pool but also luxurious to your visitors eyes. Whether you want a few of small water features or a large, elaborate feature, our pool professionals can help you out. Some pool water features that you might want to consider adding to your swimming pool include a cascading waterfall, water arches, or water curtains. You can also have a rain wall installed in your swimming pool to create a beautiful visual effect. The water features that would work best in your pool depend on certain factors, such as the layout of your pool and its size. You’ll also need to consider what kind of effect you’re interested in creating. Our experts can guide you through the selection process and then get to work on building your water features.

Commercial Pools

Polo Luxe Pools knows the challenges and expectations in building and remodeling commercial swimming pools. We understand that it is a specialized field that requires extremely experienced pool professionals who understand the current laws, safety regulations, and codes. Polo Luxe Pools can take a commercial swimming pool from concept through completion or work from engineering plans according to specifications. We can provide input on which systems and equipment will be the most efficient and easiest to operate and have an extended life cycle. We are also pool remodelers and renovation experts and can do anything from a simple resurfacing to a complete makeover. Contact us for more info and get a quote today!

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